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Digital Performance Designed for Dental Practices

As a dental professional, you’re busy. You’ve got a practice to run, patients to see, and of course, an entire world of medical research to keep up with. You understand that marketing is a crucial part of bringing new patients into your practice. But it’s not easy to find the time, energy, and expertise necessary to build and execute an effective marketing plan.

That’s where BLS Marketing comes in. We’re marketing professionals who strategize marketing initiatives that yield a high ROI within the dental industry. We spend our time collecting industry knowledge, testing ideas, and applying our findings to benefit independant dental practices like yours. It’s all bundled together in one nice package.

Best Social Media Applications for the Dental Industry

Any dental practice can benefit from incorporating social media marketing tools and channels into an overall marketing mix. Even so, don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to social media. What is good for one type of business is not necessarily good for another. What works for florists or restaurants won’t necessarily work for dental practices. Here are some networks and applications that can be effective for dentists.


One long-standing and professionally oriented social network that is appropriate for dentists is LinkedIn. Most professionals can benefit from a LinkedIn Profile based on one’s professional resume. The exchanges taking place on LinkedIn are with more business-minded professionals and trusted connections. Encourage or train your staff to set up their own LinkedIn accounts and fill them out in detail.

LinkedIn offers free Company Pages that are similar to Facebook Pages. Your staff can link their profiles to your Company Page to automatically add an employee list to your Page. Post company news to your Page as you would any other social network.

Consider joining select LinkedIn Groups where you can network with others in your industry and participate in industry-related discussions. Results from a search of “Dental” under LinkedIn Groups range from the American Dental Association to Dental Sales Professionals and Dental Marketing Professionals.

Facebook and Twitter

Should you use Facebook or Twitter? Both networks are highly trafficked sites and can help you build your reputation, gain exposure for your practice and reach prospective patients. Choosing which popular social network or networks to adopt is often more of a personal choice as well as a strategic one based on where your patients and potential patients communicate and how many resources you have to maintain multiple social networking presences.

A simple verbal or written survey of your patients asking them what social networks they use can help you determine where you should be. Then make sure you obtain proper training to get the most out of the network or networks you opt to use or hire a reputable social media marketing consultant to help.


Yelp is a popular review site, directory and social network easily accessible from the web or a mobile device. Set up a free account on Yelp that lets you post photos and messages to your patients. Patients can use their mobile devices to check in to your place on Yelp, and they can broadcast their Yelp activities to Facebook and Twitter.


Another free way to list your practice is through a Google+ My Business Page. Verify your location through Google’s verification process so your company appears properly in Google searches.


YouTube is the most popular online video publishing and sharing tool. Many dentists use online video as a form of marketing and communications, adding multimedia to their outreach efforts. In addition to posting video testimonials and educational video on YouTube, you can also embed them into your website or blog.


If you’re known for “state-of-the-art” technology, you may want to explore mobile marketing and communications. With so many people carrying Wi-Fi- or cellular-enabled mobile devices these days, the opportunity to reach patients and prospective patients through their phones and tablets continues to grow.

The first place to start if you’re “going mobile” is to make sure your website is optimized for mobile devices. Facebook and Twitter are accessed more and more on smartphones so using either of those social networks or both means you may already be reaching people via mobile.

Even if you use social networks and mobile apps, don’t neglect building your email list. Email lists can still be very effective for reaching your target audience with marketing messages and calls to action. Direct people to subscribe to your email list from the social networks you’re using or add a subscription tool to your website, blog or even Facebook Page. Look for multiple ways to stay in touch with your patients and to reach out to new ones.

Dental Marketing with Social Media

The Internet and social media can boast of being the game-changers in a number of ways. Not only do they help businesses have an active presence with a global reach, but they have made it that much easier for businesses to connect with their consumers. There is no business that cannot benefit from social media. If you have a dental practice, you must absolutely embrace social media to milk the myriad opportunities that it offers.

Here are 4 benefits of having a social media presence.

Creates Brand Awareness 

An active online identity on social media helps you connect with your patients on an informal level that aids in creating further awareness of the brand and get a better understanding of how potential patients view your business. You can differentiate your brand from the competitors’ in creative ways using social media, stay connected to the existing patients and ‘flaunt’ your strengths to potential patients.

Offers Patient Feedback

Patient feedback is critical in every single business as it helps them get better. Social media is the one place where people do not mince their words and share their experiences honestly. Regardless of whether you get a positive or negative reaction, your response will make a huge difference in losing a patient to your competition or winning them over and strengthening loyalty. Social media also helps you understand what your patients want and run a more patient-oriented practice.

Helps in Reaching Untapped Markets

Just having a social media page of your dental or orthodontic practice won’t do you any good if you don’t use it. Aim at increasing the web presence as it will help in increasing your SEO and get in touch with future patients. Creating useful, unique and creative content will help you reach new patients; it will also enable your current patients to advocate the great quality of the services you offer. This helps you reach untapped markets you couldn’t have reached otherwise.

Helps with Recall Value

Every business seeks customer loyalty, and social media is one of the best places to secure it. Your patients may think about leaving your practice for another if they see value in the competitor or are persuaded by their circle of family and friends. Therefore, it is crucial that you constantly generate valuable content and information through different social media platforms. Having a unique voice will help patients remember you.  For example, many view a dental visit as an unpleasant and scary experience, but you can have a fun and humorous tone to your social media content. This way, the patients will remember you and even recommend you to their family and friends.

Three Effective Dental Social Media Strategies

1. Engage with Patients

Social media sites, like Twitter, Youtube and Facebook, provide a great platform to share relevant and interesting information about your practice. These platforms help in fostering communities and give you a chance to establish and encourage communication with the patients. As long as the content is relevant and interesting, you will find an audience for it.

2.Connect with Colleagues

Social media does not discriminate regarding whom you can reach out to. Sites like LinkedIn help in connecting with dental professionals all over the globe. Take advantage of it and connect with industry professionals to share ideas, discuss recent innovations, swap case reports, ask for advice and take in industry news. Needless to say, these connections can be extremely invaluable.

3. Share information

There was a time when the only way to know about new procedures, policies, laws or general dental and orthodontic information was through print publications or seminars. Social media changed all that. There are numerous dental-specific news sources that are constantly updated by thought-leaders covering a broad range of topics. Blogs are another excellent source where ideas can be shared by the experts. By connecting the blog to Facebook and Twitter accounts, the authors can be contacted easily.

Understand that the online community will take a little time to grow organically, so don’t be disappointed if there are fewer followers initially. Don’t give up — keep creating content, engage with the patients

 and you will see the growth gradually.

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