Weight Loss

Expert Media Marketing for the Weight Loss Industry

Targeted for a High ROI

Is there something we can be sure of in what concerns the role of social media in the weight loss industry?


  • It’s 2013 and social media keeps trying to reinvent itself. We don’t know how much this is going to last, but so far, so good.
  • Twitter still manages to be loved by brand consumers, be it in the weight loss industry or other industries, as well.
  • The weight loss industry is a giant “pie” and everyone benefits from it. And the “pie” doesn’t seem to mind.
  • Pinterest just keeps getting bigger and better. And we “heart” it, don’t we?
  • A company in the weight loss industry might not actually benefit from using hashtags and the Facebook graph this year. But maybe there’s room for more in the near future…
  • We have more and more studies focused on the health benefits of social media, and a more positive approach of how social networks can actually help people with weight conditions.
  • There is definitely room for more for growth.

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